This is one we wonder year after year.  The International Business Times reports that a 30-second ad for this year’s Super Bowl will run you $5.6 million (a $400,000 increase from last year), and that some companies opt for even longer spots.  How do companies evaluate their return on investment at that price point?  That’s a hard question to answer and, probably, it depends.  For some, it may be the assumption that enough Super Bowl watchers are moviegoers who expect to see a few great trailers (albeit shorter than what you can find online and fewer in number than years past according to the Hollywood Reporter).  For others, it may be a belief that consumers simply expect to see ads from their favorite beverage, tech, and car brands who consistently deliver on Super Bowl Sunday (though some major brands appear to be spending their advertising dollars elsewhere this year).  And for many, it’s the sheer number of eyeballs—”impressions” in the advertising world—that can be reached in a single instance.  Yet with Super Bowl viewership on the decline, and increased online over tv advertising, it begs the question: Is a single Super Bowl ad worth $5.6 million?  You be the judge when you tune in this Sunday night.