Something we may never have thought would take off – branded face masks – are now on the rise.  With CDC recommendations and state/local orders recommending or even requiring employees (and sometimes even all citizens outside of their homes) to wear masks, businesses have an unexpected yet significant marketing opportunity to present their brand in a new setting.  This is particularly true for certain types of businesses, such as consumer-facing retail stores, restaurants/bars, and sports team.  Companies specializing in branded t-shirts, uniforms, and the like have certainly expanded their offerings to account for this new sales prospect to the businesses they service.

As a result, many businesses are taking advantage, seeing the increase in face mask use as another chance to present their logo, brand, or other message to the public or even just to their own employees.  Fashion designers are also jumping into the ring in a way that promotes their brands.  But other businesses may be concerned that turning a precautionary device into a walking billboard could make light of the pandemic or face mask requirement.

Whichever camp your business is in, this new and unexpected marketing strategy is on the rise.