This Sunday, the Washington Commanders are set to introduce their new mascot, which the team has indicated will either be a hog or a dog. The former, however, may lead to a trademark dispute between former Washington players and the current organization.

In the 1980s, Washington fielded a dominating offensive line that was nicknamed the “Hogs.” Recently, in July 2022, multiple former players that were a part of the “Hogs” filed trademark applications—through its LLC O-Line Entertainment LLC—for two separate intent to use trademark applications for HOGS and the ORIGINAL HOGS. The “Hogs” intend to use said trademarks in connection with a variety of goods and services, including clothing, football memorabilia, and entertainment services.

As a result, the “Hogs” have signaled they are not particularly happy about the possibility that the Commanders will chose a hog as its mascot. Specifically, counsel for O-Line Entertainment LLC, in a press release, claimed that if the Commanders choose the hog mascot, they will be taking the HOGS trademark and attempting to profit off of the “Hogs’” legacy, goodwill, and brand equity. It’s still yet to be seen whether any legal battles come from the Commanders’ forthcoming mascot selection, but stay tuned for the Commanders’ mascot reveal this Sunday.