I look forward to posting about the Super Bowl every year — not because I love football (I do) but because it’s the only time I actually appreciate watching commercials (truly). What will companies pay for a spot this year? Which celebrities will be featured? What will be the most creative advertising tagline? Will any of your old favorite marketing campaigns be brought back? What strange new products/services will we learn about? How many advertising controversies will emerge? Can any one commercial eclipse the advertising power of Taylor Swift being in attendance? Btw, did you know you can place prop bets on things like how often she is shown on the broadcast and which song of hers is first mentioned?

I’ve seen plenty of blog posts and articles providing guidance about how to advertise today without running afoul of advertising and trademark law, and surely companies should adhere to that guidance, but it’s not nearly as interesting to post about as asking these questions. Yeah the game should be good, but aren’t you excited about simply debating which commercial you liked best?