When November 1st hits, you can almost guarantee that you will start hearing familiar Christmas songs, one of which being Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” The song has gained so much popularity since its release in 1994, that Carey sought to take it one step further by filing a petition with the Trial Trademark and Appeal Board (TTAB) to trademark the title “Queen of Christmas.” Her company, Lotion LLC wanted to use that branding, as well as “Princess Christmas” for a range of their products.

However, Carey’s petition faced controversy when a couple other artists known for their holiday hits, took issue with Carey’s attempt to dub herself as the “Queen of Christmas.” One of the artists, Elizabeth Chan, who describes herself as “music’s only full-time Christmas singer-songwriter,” filed a motion opposing Carey’s request. Chan’s opposition was based on the fact that she had already been dubbed as the “Queen of Christmas.” Carey did not file a response to Chan’s opposition and in mid-November, the TTAB made a judgment by default, rejecting Carey’s trademark request. Despite Carey’s trademark rejection she has still stayed in the holiday spirit and I’m sure having a consistent chart-topping holiday hit helps!